About Us

The modern world has us all so busy and now more than ever, there is the need to find time for ourselves physically and mentally. That's how Mood Room Candle Co was created. The purpose of the candles is to bring you to a place you think of fondly or aspire to be, to remind you of familiar happy times and places, and to serve as your own personal escape. Each candle tells a story  inspired by the fragrance of wonderful places and moments in time bringing you to a feeling that you are right there. The candles are all natural,  and hand poured into beautiful, modern,  high quality vessels that add beauty to your home décor and are reusable. Wooden wicks are used in each candle and are very beneficial to self care because they burn clean, last longer than the typical cotton wick, and  make a lovely crackling sound when lit to enhance the experience. Each candle is made with soy wax which contains no paraffins, making it a better choice for those who value a healthy lifestyle. No matter who we are, we all have that special place or places that we go, either physically or mentally to bring us peace and enjoyment. Whether it be a last minute trip to a cabin in the woods, a quiet long walk by the coast, strolling through a garden of flowers, a spa day or just enjoying a cocktail with friends, these moments always bring us to a peaceful serene space, and Mood Room Candle Co will take you there.