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Luxury candles with stories that take you to imaginative places

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Fall into our stories of autumn.

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Chapter 1: Exotic travels

Take in the beautiful stories of exotic fruits and florals.

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Chapter 2: Botanical Gardens

Fresh herbs, botanicals and tales of zen.

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Chapter 3: Vintage quarter

Explore times of past. Aged and timeless.

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welcome to the mood room

There's a Story with Every Fragrance and Modern Beauty in Every Vessel

Two things that can transport you to exotic places are books and fragrance. Bring the adventure of your favorite travel story to life with fragrance. Whether you've traveled the world, or dream of doing so while cuddling up with your favorite book, our candles will transport you to any place you can imagine. Each fragrance has a unique, special story written and inspired by real-life adventures, travels and moments in time. All of our candle vessels are sustainable and reusable and bring beauty to your home décor or any surroundings. Our candles create entire experiences that you'll want to explore more and more to see what's next.

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All Natural Soy Wax, Toxin-Free Fragrances and Crackling Wooden WIcks

Each candle is made with high a quality soy and coconut wax blend with crackling wooden wicks ensuring a clean, long lasting burn.

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